English Lessons

About the course

Learn to communicate in English

The basis of this English learning course is seen as communication, rather than activities such as translation or learning grammar rules. You learn about English and practise it at the same time because you are talking with me in your lessons. This makes one-to-one lessons very practical. Learning this way is very intensive but it soon becomes a very enjoyable and natural way to learn. 

In a one-to-one lesson you only focus on what you need to learn not what the course book thinks you need to learn. 

English is the only language spoken in the classroom. However, students may use their mother tongue in emergency cases.

Online learning allows people to study in new and exciting ways, real-time classes or synchronous virtual classrooms operate much like traditional classrooms, with students and instructors attending together from different locations. with set study schedules and live discussions. Learning one-to-one online is the fastest and most effective way for someone to learn a language, 

The best type of online learning comes from knowing "Learners preferences", knowing student's "learning style" and "type of intelligence" to which they are most connected to will help them to achieve their goals. Teacher needs to ask himself;  Is my student a visual learner? or Is he more a combination of visual and auditory learner? Does he have a logical-mathematical intelligence? or does he have a more Bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence? 

What is my student's proficiency level in the language? What are his/her strengths and weaknesses. What is his/her motivation?

The answer to these questions will allow the teacher to create an effective course, choosing teaching methodology, syllabus, lesson plan and material.

I teach all four skills: Speaking, listening, reading and writing. (Unless, student has something specific to cover).  It is the combination of the four skills that makes someone competent in a language. 

In order to help students be understood it is utterly important for them to pronounce correctly. Therefore we shall work on stressing of words and sentences, the phonemic chart, producing single sounds, connected speech, teaching pronunciation.

Students need to understand how we form sentences to be able to use the language accurately. Therefore, grammar forms part of the language. It is essential that students know the basics.

As a result, reading and writing can be neglected in some language classrooms. However, reading and writing must not be forgotten because the combination of all four skills is what makes you competent.

Whatever your reason may be for signing of for classes, I have the ideal English course for you.

Personalized classes

The world is changing and so is the way we learn English

The teacher takes advantage of all the authentic material that is out there : literature, audios & videos. Let's not forget the applications that have been recently invented for teachers and students. We are living today in unsuspected outcomes.

Flexible hours

Create a weekly or monthly schedule

Choose when, for how long and what you want to study in the time you have available. You prefer the convenience of a one-to-one class, rather than the set timetable of a group.