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Yes! It is now possible with all this new technology at hand to customize your one-to-one classes. Learning English in a comfortable way exactly the way you need and want based on your learning style. We, together, will discover your strengths and weaknesses in a course specially designed for you.

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The world is changing and so is the way we learn English.

The teacher takes advantage of all the authentic material that is out there : literature, audios & videos. Let's not forget the applications that have been recently invented for teachers and students. We are living today in unsuspected outcomes.

About the lessons

Understand, practice and perform.

You will learn English in a logical manner called PPP. The teacher first chooses a topic which is gradually introduced with the use of pictures, videos, whiteboard & audios (Presentation). Afterwards both teacher and student interact with a number of fun activities which helps the student increase his or her confidence (Practice) with the topic and finally we end the cycle performing real life situations so students understand when to apply in real life what he has learned.

Book a free trial lesson
Book a free trial lesson

You will be able to test my teaching style. You will not be dissapointed.

Lessons via Zoom, Google Meet o Microsoft Team
Lessons via Zoom, Google Meet o Microsoft Team

Choose how you want to be contacted. There is a number of application out there that fits the purpose. I personally prefer "google meet".

Feedback and personal lessons
Feedback and personal lessons

Teacher can ask student what their preferences are for being told about errors. In private lessons, you can ask the student what they like about the lessons and if there is anything that they don’t want to do.

Access to Google Classroom
Access to Google Classroom

-Class can be scheduled on your calendar. -Class can be recorded. -Read the captions of what is said. -Teacher can share audio , videos, google drive and files with students. -Email your teacher at anytime -Submit your homework easily.

How it works

Each course is personalized

Before we create your course, we must find out first how YOU best learn a language and where you need help in the language.

Cristian Lagarini, Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

Hello! My name is Chris, and I love to travel, teach, and learn about other cultures ! I will help you learn English choosing from a variety of different methods of teaching, including visuals and specific tools that work with you individually. We will discover both your strengths and the challenges that you have with the language.

Who I am

Travelling the world gave me a purpose.

An online teacher

I approved the TEFL one-to-one online teacher certification from i-to-i company last year and have been teaching one-to-one ever since. 

My teaching career began more than 20 years ago, when I signed up to teach English part-time in Berlitz Language Centers in Chile.  I was taught the Direct Method approach back then which gave me a great head start with what I was about to begin.  

About me

An online teacher

I have been exposed to a number of languages since early childhood.  Due to my parents' job, we have had to travel frequently from country to country for short periods of three to four years, one of them was Australia. That travelling lasted for about 25 years.  My teaching experience started at a language center called BERLITZ in my early twenties. 

First as a part-time English tutor, later as a full-time English and Spanish tutor to adults then later to adolescents and finally kids.  I have always enjoyed teaching enormously and students enjoy the way I teach. BERLITZ promoted me later to Academic Director which took me to a more administrative position with higher levels of responsibilities and other areas of work

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What my students are saying:

  • He declared that he has known Christian since the late 90s as director of Berlitz in Concepción, I recognize in him his leadership, dedication and commitment, for providing a good service in the language institution he directs. His concern for the projects he tackles is remarkable, imparting his contributions with professionalism and responsibility, which is evidenced by the services he is supposed to provide at Edyce, the company in which I work.

    Hermel Ariel Leiva Gutierrez-Gerente de Administración y Finanzas EDYCE

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